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Maynard On Camera Ban: "Unplug and enjoy the ride".

09 Novembre 2017

Farrar isn't wrong though, fans who have found themselves in the crowd of any project involving Maynard James Keenan, whether it be A Perfect Circle, Tool, or Puscifer have been met with signs warning them that taking photos may result in being evicted from the show.

When you arrive at your seat for tonight's A Perfect Circle show at Agganis Arena, there should be a big-ass printed message taped to the back of the seat in front of you: "NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS".

Reformed rock act A Perfect Circle has angered fans with a super strict camera policy that saw 60 of them ejected from a venue. However, fans attending A Perfect Circle's current USA tour seem to have discovered the hard way how some bands feel about photography, with numerous fans stating they were kicked out of the group's gigs for taking pictures. I won't be back... "I would have complied and there would have been no interaction with the Police".

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Another commented on Instagram: "The security's flashlights hunting for people taking pictures were more distracting than cell phones in my opinion".

Responding to one fan on Instagram who had successfully taken a picture of the concert, David Farrar, the general manager of the venue, casually remarked "Your [sic] good".

Farrar went on to explain in a separate comment: "talk to Manyard. this was 110% the bands policy and has been for TOOL, APC, and's not a new policy". Recording. Of. Any. Kind. For. 25. "Years. Guided experience. Unplug and and enjoy the ride".

Maynard On Camera Ban: