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Marine Le Pen Reportedly Loses Immunity Over Daesh Pictures on Twitter ... Again

09 Novembre 2017

In December 2015, Le Pen tweeted three gruesome pictures of IS crimes, including one that showed the execution of American journalist James Foley.

The French National Assembly has lifted on Wednesday the immunity of Marine Le Pen, paving the way for prosecution of the far-right leader over graphic tweets of Daesh violence she posted in 2015.

The other images showed a tank running over a man in an orange jumpsuit, while another jumpsuit-clad man was shown in a cage being burned alive.

She later deleted the post after coming under criticism, saying that she didn't know it was Foley in the picture.

This is not the first time Marine Le Pen lost her immunity due to posting photos of Daesh terrorists' crimes.

In September, parliament also lifted the immunity of another FN MP, Gilbert Collard, over similar tweets containing IS images.

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In her statement, Le Pen maintained that she posted the photos on Twitter to highlight the "abuses of the terrorist organization" and to expose "the awful reality of these crimes".

"It's better to be a jihadist returning from Syria than an MP condemning the ignominies of IS", she told AFP, suggesting that France was softer on IS members than their opponents.

French investigators had earlier launched a probe into the tweets but could do nothing because Le Pen had immunity. Le Pen could not face charges as she served as a member of the European Parliament at the time. On Wednesday, the Parliament stripped Le Pen of her privileges, citing a "serious, loyal and honest demand for justice".

Wednesday's decision of the 22-member Assembly committee is the latest blow to the 49-year-old politician, who has appeared adrift since her defeat at the hands of Emmanuel Macron in May's presidential runoff.

In September, tensions between rival party factions - one led by anti-immigration hardliners, the other by anti-EU nationalists - burst into the open with the resignation of Le Pen's right-hand man Florian Philippot. But her immunity was restored once she was elected to the National Assembly in June.

Philippot was the architect of Le Pen's strategy to detoxify the FN brand as well as her unpopular plan to pull France out of the eurozone.

Marine Le Pen Reportedly Loses Immunity Over Daesh Pictures on Twitter ... Again