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Not love jihad, forced conversions are taking place in Kerala: NCW

06 Novembre 2017

"She is in good health, is not being beaten up, she is eating, was smiling and is happy", Acting Chairperson of the Commission, Rekha Sharma, who met Hadiya at her home in TV Puram in Kottayam's Vaikkom, told media. "Nor are there any human rights violations, as no security concerns either, there are three police personnel on duty at her house", Rekha Sharma, who visited the 24-year-old in her house in Vaikom, said. "She's in good health, she's not beaten up or anything and she's eating her's just that I can not tell you what she told me because the case is in the court", Sharma said. "I'm happy that Hadiya is safe in her home". Sharma mentioned that now that she had met Hadiya and is assured of her well being she will submit her report to the centre within a week.

On whether Hadiya would go to the Supreme Court, Sharma was quoted by The News Minute as saying, "She is safe, there is no harassment". "I am not using the word Love Jihad and will use forced conversion".

Her father Ashokan KM had challenged the wedding in the Kerala high court and got the relationship annulled. However, she said that not love jihads but forced conversions are taking place in the state. "She said "now" she is okay", Ms Sharma said. "I welcome the order of Supreme Court".

Hadiya is now under the protective custody of her parents as per the High Court's directions. However, her remarks to the NCW chairperson today is in contrast to what she said in the video.

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The National Investigation Agency (NIA), represented by Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh, has informed the court that there was a well-oiled machinery working in Kerala and they are indulging in the indoctrination and radicalisation of the society in the state, where as many as 89 cases of similar nature have been reported.

Jahan, allegedly a member of the radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India, had on September 20 approached the apex court seeking recall of its August 16 order directing the NIA to investigate the controversial case of conversion and marriage of a Hindu woman with him.

Jahan had moved the apex court after the Kerala High Court annulled their marriage.

Not love jihad, forced conversions are taking place in Kerala: NCW