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Did Sundar Pichai relish 'Android burger' at Google office?

06 Novembre 2017

This time the company has gave the answer to a hot debate on social media in a very interesting way.

At its Seattle office, the workers were served "Android burgers" during Friday's lunch, ending the debate that Android burger emoji is the victor when it comes to placing the cheese. Recently Google has introduces the new emoji of hamburger in pixel 2, in which the cheese is placed on bun instead on patty.

No news yet whether the presence of the Android Burger at Google's lunch menu means they are sticking with their burger emoji or whether they're just testing it out and see how it lands in "real life". The debate initially started when Thomas Baekdal tweeted out.

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Reacting to this, Pichai tweeted, promising to "drop everything" and address the issue if people on the platform agree on what the correct placement of ingredient should be. In "Android burger" cheese was melted on top of the bun instead of the patty.

The hamburger emoji, also known as the cheeseburger, was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015, according to Emojipedia - an emoji reference website.

Employees of the Technology giant were served with an "Android burger" on Friday. Google must have better and more important decisions to take as the emoji exists as it always did.

Did Sundar Pichai relish 'Android burger' at Google office?