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Powersharing Deadline For Northern Ireland

30 Octobre 2017

A key issue is whether they will alter the pattern of bleak signals they have been sending to Northern Secretary, James Brokenshire.

Alliance MLA Stephen Farry called on Mr Brokenshire to explore other options before direct rule is introduced, including the possibility of a voluntary coalition government at Stormont and reform of institutions including the petition of concern veto mechanism which has been controversial in recent years.

"It has been reliant on Sinn Féin and the DUP taking time to engage themselves to try and resolve their differences".

The executive collapsed in January and Northern Ireland has been without a power-sharing government since then.

But it warned that it would not be a part of a "bad agreement cobbled together to suddenly suit the timetables of others".

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"A deal in the political talks needs to be a deal for all in our society and not just for the political leaderships of unionism", he said in a statement on Monday.

Earlier, SDLP leader Colum Eastwood said that if a deal was not reached by Monday's deadline, his party would not accept direct rule from Westminster but only joint rule from both London and Dublin.

While today is not the day that an irreversible decision must be made about power-sharing and direct rule in Northern Ireland, it is an important one.

"Maintaining that balance means that the alternative to direct rule is the joint stewardship of the North by the two governments".

It is ten months since Sinn Féin pulled out of partnership government with the DUP, following disputes over a renewable heating scheme and a stand-alone Irish language act.

Powersharing Deadline For Northern Ireland