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Supersonic auto in test run for record attempt

27 Octobre 2017

That will require plenty of testing, which kicked off today on a runway in Newquay, England.

Today's run showed the Bloodhound crew that their jet engine can be pushed to maximum reheat earlier than expected. Twenty years after breaking the sound barrier in the Nevada desert in the Thrust SSC, Green is the man at the controls again, driving a vehicle designed using a mixture of fighter jet, Formula One and spacecraft technology.

Wing Commander Andy Green checks the auto before his run.

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A auto built to go 1000 miles per hour has completed its first public tests. "I'm designed for supersonic speed but this I can do easily'".

In 1997 Mr Green was the driver for the Thrust SSC team as it set the current record of 763mph. Getting a jet-powered vehicle to travel safely at that speed is hard - just ask Richard Hammond! - and the fact that it went off without a hitch is a testament to how far the project's come. "The auto is designed for high speed on a desert rather than sprint performance off the line, but it still accelerated from zero to 210mph in less than eight seconds". For the higher-speed runs - during which the wheels will turn at up to 10,200rpm, or 170 times per second - it will have solid aluminium wheels, because rubber tyres would not hold together. Additional solid-rocket boosters will be added to get the vehicle to its projected top speed of 1,000mph. "And then to slow down, I need to apply gentle pressure to the brakes for two seconds to "warm up" the carbon fibre disk brakes before applying full force on the brakes to stop the auto".

Noble said the Bloodhound team also see the runway trials as a way of thanking the schools, students, families and companies that have supported their project, which stalled for nearly a year due to a shortage of finance until Geely - which also owns the London Taxi Company, Lotus and Proton - agreed to become Bloodhound's "lead partner" and finance the 1000mph project to its conclusion.

Supersonic auto in test run for record attempt