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Workplace, Facebook's Slack rival, adds desktop chat app

26 Octobre 2017

Facebook on Thursday is launching a desktop chat application for Workplace, its one-year-old enterprise collaboration platform.

Facebook's Workplace service is expanding its chat feature.

Workplace Chat has always been available via mobile apps and in the browser on a PC, but now there's a fully-fledged desktop app for PC and Mac, something which has been on the wish-list of many for a while now.

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There are some slightly more frivolous trimmings, too, such as '@mentions', message reactions, and the usual GIFs to throw in for a bit of color. Facebook also said it's redesigning the look of the software, and adding group video chat in the "coming weeks".

It has been a year since Facebook first introduced Workplace and it released a few numbers on the success of the platform. It includes one-to-one or group chats, and also file sharing, plus screen sharing, the latter of which will be a definite boon in the business environment. At the moment, 30,000 organisations are using Workplace worldwide.

More than a million groups have been created. including Walmart, Heineken, Spotify, Lyft, and Reliance Group are just some of its users.

Workplace, Facebook's Slack rival, adds desktop chat app