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Man convicted of killing and cooking dog

25 Octobre 2017

Warped Dominic O'Connor, 27, bought the four-year-old collie called Jess via Facebook before cooking her into a stew to feed to his pooch Shadow.

O'Connor, previously known as William Moscari, bought Jess on Facebook and admitted what he had done to police, but faced a two-day trial.

He said he then cut the animal up, cooking some of it and feeding it to another dog.

The remainder of the dog's carcass was chopped with an axe and bread knife then burned on a fire with the remains dumped in Portavogie Harbour, County Down.

O'Connor conceded that people would be disgusted by his actions, and recognised "part of it was wrong".

The horrific incident came to light when he community mental health worker and then a psychiatric nurse at the Ulster Hospital.

When police went to his house in Kircubbin following concerns from a neighbour they found dog hair and liquid in the fire grate.

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A friend of O'Connor told how she'd seen Jess one day but not the next.

She described how despite having committed the atrocious killing, O'Connor "was all happy and stuff.just his normal self" and he claimed he had re-homed Jess that morning.

The court heard from O'Connor's friend who said that she noticed a foul smell in his house which she said "seemed strange".

She said he later confessed to her that he had strangled the dog, put it in the shower, and put it in the bin after she left.

She told the court: 'In a way he was joyful about it. "He was not all there".

A jury deliberated for five minutes before finding the defendant guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the animal. "His head was somewhere else".

Man convicted of killing and cooking dog