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Mitsubishi Emirai 4 concept revealed for Tokyo

18 Octobre 2017

Mitsubishi has revealed some details of its new Emirai 4 concept vehicle, which shows off some of the fancy future technology the Japanese company is working on right now.

The systems, which will be integrated into road cars in the coming years, allow passengers to interact with an onboard computer and gain information via augmented reality.

Previewing the company's driver assistance technology, the Emirai 4 is a futuristic roadster that "draws upon" electrification, autonomous driving and connected technologies. This can enhance road features such as white lines and road markings to improve visibility for the driver.

Under the theme of "Feeling with you; convenient, safe and comfortable for each one", development of the new concept auto has drawn on three specific fields of research: electrification, autonomous driving, and connected.

Finally, sensors in the vehicle's body can detect when a door is about to be opened, activating an indicator that is projected on to the road and another that projects onto the car's body to alert nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

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It's an open question whether Mitsubishi Electric will unveil also some new electric drive components, that often are used by Japanese manufacturers; but the smart money says they will, as they now have a couple large potential customers as part of Mitusbishi's tie-up with Nissan and (by extension) Renault.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the Emirai's driver sensing system. Mitsubishi Motors, the auto brand, is now part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, so won't necessarily be first in line (or in line at all) to use the tech.

Mitsubishi has developed what it calls a "knob-on-display" setup to create a new control system that enables the driver to operate various functions in the vehicle without taking their eyes off the road.

A wide-angle interior camera monitors both the driver and the front passenger by detecting the passengers' heads and postures to alert potentially unsafe driving behavior and provides safe and smooth switchover between automated to manual driving.

Mitsubishi Emirai 4 concept revealed for Tokyo