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Twitter restores account of actress Rose McGowan

13 Octobre 2017

The 44-year-old star is one of the many famous women at the centre of the scandal rocking Hollywood, after being named as one of the producer's alleged victims in the New York Times expose last week.

She later told the actor to "f*** off".

In a statement, an Amazon spokesperson said Price went on a leave of absence, effective immediately and that the studio is reviewing any projects it has with The Weinstein Company.

Representatives for Affleck did not respond to messages regarding that allegation. She made a series of Twitter posts Thursday directed at Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos, saying, "I told the head of your studio that HW raped me".

It comes after she tweeted this on Tuesday. "Be my voice." She then included the hashtags #RoseArmy and #WhyWomenDon'tReport. She sent a second tweet claiming that she and Affleck directly spoke about Weinstein's alleged assault during the production of Scream. But, after McGowan gave the interview "her lawyer contacted Farrow and NBC to revoke consent because it could put her in legal jeopardy given the terms of her settlement agreement", said "sources with knowledge of the situation". There are two television shows now in development between the studios, both of which have removed Harvey Weinstein's name. Amazon won a dirty Oscar ... It's unclear what movie McGowan is referring to.

Amazon has suspended entertainment chief Roy Price. In one of the most high-profile cases, right-wing attention junkie Milo Yiannopoulos was banned permanently from the service in July past year for virtually orchestrating racial abuse at actress Leslie Jones.

Plusieurs blessés dans une fusillade, la piste terroriste écartée — Suède
Les forces de l'ordre avaient dans un premier temps fait savoir que quatre individus, tous des hommes, avaient été blessés. La police est rapidement arrivée sur place.

The report said an investigation was conducted, but the results are unknown. "I said I was the proof". When I heard a Weinstein bailout was in the works ...

It wasn't until the Weinstein revelations came to light that Hackett made a decision to go public officially.

Her account of the producer demanding a naked massage became public in a New Yorker story published this week. Since two articles came out this week - one in the New York Times and another in the New Yorker - detailing Weinstein's abusive behavior, she has been one of the most vocal critics online. "I think women inspire each other".

"It is never easy for a woman to come forward in such situations and I wholeheartedly support those who have".

To add to that suspicion, Twitter recently said that it would allow US President Donald Trump to threaten war and berate US citizens on its platform because it was of public interest - and users haven't missed the disparity.

Twitter restores account of actress Rose McGowan