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'Stranger Things' spoofs 'Friday the 13th' in creepy trailer

13 Octobre 2017

The time is nearly here for fans to return to the pop culture phenomenon that took over last summer and hasn't let up.

Netflix has released a flurry of horror movie homages over the few months while promoting Stranger Things Season 2, with the latest tribute referencing classic film franchise Friday the 13th in a short video teasing the final trailer's arrival on, well, Friday, Oct. 13. According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, most of the names are different from the list of episode titles which was released in last August. To help fill the void as we begin the long wait for Stranger Things season 2, I've put together a list of the top 11 moments from the show. Will was rescued from the Upside Down by Sheriff Hopper and his mom, Joye, but it appears that the Upside Down isn't ready to quit him just yet.

However, the Duffer Brothers, writers of "Stranger Things", have warned fans that the titles may still change. The song is called "Walkin' in Hawkins", and is a brighter, more curious take on the same synth patches from the original soundtrack.

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He explained that the monster would be "tied into this shape that Will sees in the sky". If you can't remember that trailer or just weren't alive yet, watch it here. Sounds like one will be flawless for the lock screen and the other as your home screen. The "Stranger Things" version follows the same formula, giving startling glimpses of people in creepy Halloween masks, scared scientists huddling together, a flashlight shining into a tunnel and other quick tidbits from the Netflix show.

The new season premieres on Netflix on October 27, so we'll just have to wait until then to see if the last three episode titles are the original names, or something completely different.

'Stranger Things' spoofs 'Friday the 13th' in creepy trailer