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Someone Created 'Diet' Avocados-Here's What That Even Means

13 Octobre 2017

From Instagram posts to morning smoothies, you can not seem to escape the avocado in 2017.

Isla Bonita claims their Avocado Light has up to 30 percent less fat than ordinary fruits.

The avocados are grown under special soil and climate conditions to provide the same nutritional benefits with less fat, according to the company's website.

The fruit, which is being sold under the company's Isla Bonita brand, is described as having a smooth, shiny green skin and a delicate light flavour, and is fast-ripening with a slow rate of oxidation.

So, surely this means there's no need to reduce the fat content?

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An average avocado has between 20g and 30g of fat, most of which is monosaturated fat which has been linked to reducing cholestrol and lowering the risk of cancer and heart disease, reported the BBC.

You can still make guacamole with it and even mash it up on Al Roker's favorite avocado toast. or even add it into an avocado latte.

A large avocado has roughly 330 calories, which is slightly under a fifth of the daily recommended intake for women.

Nobody asked for a low-fat avocado, but Spain is giving it to us anyway.

It was unclear if the fruit tasted any different but its makers said it has a "soft and pleasant pulp".

Someone Created 'Diet' Avocados-Here's What That Even Means