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Palestinian rivals start reconciliation talks in Cairo

13 Octobre 2017

After the breakthrough in Cairo, Arab and Palestinian media reported that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to visit the Gaza Strip within a month.

Abbas expressed praise from King Abdullah's efforts to support Palestinian people and solution.

Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas began detailed negotiations behind closed doors in Cairo on Tuesday on ending their crippling decade-long split, a delegate said. Under agreement, Palestinian National Reconciliation government is scheduled to fulfill all its duties in Gaza as it was in West Bank until end of December 1, 2017.

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Under the terms of the deal, the Ramallah-based Palestinian unity government will assume political and administrative responsibility for the Gaza Strip no later than December 1.

"We call on the Palestinian sides to implement all the defined steps with the final goal of achieving unity on the political platform of the Palestine Liberation Organization and significantly improving the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip", it said.

Hamas's capture of Gaza in 2007 ended an earlier - if short-lived - unity government established after Hamas swept 2006 Palestinian legislative polls.

Palestinian rivals start reconciliation talks in Cairo