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Principale » Nintendo releases new Super Mario Odyssey "Jump Up, Super Star!" musical video

Nintendo releases new Super Mario Odyssey "Jump Up, Super Star!" musical video

13 Octobre 2017

Super Mario Odyssey doesn't hit stores until October 27, but the new adventure for the Nintendo Switch is already racking up wonderful buzz among gamers and critics after its big splash at E3 2017. Now, fans' excitement for the Big N mascot's latest adventure is likely to grow exponentially due to the game having already received its first ideal score review well ahead of its launch later this month. Whether that will mean any cross promotion with Super Mario Run, however, remains to be seen. And by the glitz and the glam of the big musical number featuring everyone's favorite mustachioed Italian plumber, the latest installment in the fabled video game franchise looks bigger and better than ever.

Interestingly enough, this month's issue of EDGE was originally supposed to be sent out to subscribers at this point in time, but the magazine had to be delayed in order "to accommodate an exclusive embargo". The full range also includes an Adventure Makeup Box.

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Super Mario Odyssey is set for release for the Nintendo Switch in October 2017.

Nintendo releases new Super Mario Odyssey