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More than £170m in old pounds in our homes to become worthless

13 Octobre 2017

And another 1.1m households have no intention of changing over their old coins, a survey by 3D printing company 3Doodler found. The new 12-sided coin, introduced in March, was specifically created to reduce the number of forgeries.

'If each vehicle had just one hidden pound coin there could be as much as £30 million in cash which will no longer be legal tender after next Sunday.

As many parking machines have not yet converted to the new 12-sided coin there is a good reason why many auto owners will have a still have a stash lying about.

"Venues should ensure that all staff members are aware they should not be accepting the old pound coin after this weekend", said Kate Nichols, chief executive of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers.

Bambawale appointed as next Indian ambassador to China
Bambawale, who speaks fluent Mandarin, had earlier also dealt with China in his capacity as Joint Secretary in the ministry. He is a 1984 Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer and is expected to take up the assignment shortly, the ministry said.

The old £1 coin stops being legal tender on October 15 and the Royal mint thinks there may be as many as 500 million still there.

"So our message is: bring your old coins to Iceland and I'm sure you will be amazed at what you can buy for a pound".

The transition to a different shape coin has meant everything from vending machines to parking meters have had to be adapted to take the new coinage - costing businesses thousands.