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Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was err… "not planned"

13 Octobre 2017

While Kylie Jenner is yet to address the reports, she has done little to quash the speculation and continues to share photos on social media keeping her stomach firmly hidden. 'Kylie hired a pregnancy coach too, who will help her with nutrition and exercise, as well as take her through Lamaze training when she gets further along, ' an insider said.

If she does, will her lips look less plump than we've been used to seeing or will they still look like the 2017 version of Kylie and be coated in a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit?

"Now she is just petrified because she is starting to see her lips deflate back to their original size".

They went on to add, "Kylie hates the way her face looks when she is not pumped full of fillers, but she knows that she is just going to have to deal with it for now".

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Kim Kardashian has already confirmed she is due to welcome a third child into her family in 2018; her and husband Kanye West have chosen to use a surrogate following previous health complications during her first two pregnancies.

Kylie Jenner is teasing the heck out of us with the latest Instagram pictures by keeping us from getting a first look at her a baby bump as she refuses to comment on the pregnant rumours that have surrounded her for weeks now.

Sources additionally say 25-year-old Travis Scott, Kylie's beau, has likewise been telling his companions.

Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was err…