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Dana White Has Spoken With Vince McMahon Amid Conor McGregor Rumours

13 Octobre 2017

Dana White appeared on Good Day New York this morning and was asked repeatedly about the rumors.

MMA Weekly noted that White appeared on The Dan LeBatard Show this week and said he doesn't believe WWE would allow Lesnar to fight again while he's under contract.

UFC President Dana White has shot down reports UFC megastar Conor McGregor will join the WWE for a one off Wrestlemania match next-year. He revealed that he had just texted with Vince McMahon about the story and that McMahon had said it wasn't accurate.

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- There was a report a few days ago from the UK Sun, stating that Conor McGregor was finalizing negotiations with WWE for an appearance that would see him compete in the ring at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans.

McMahon texted White that he didn't know anything about McGregor being in talks with WWE and that it was news to him, with White replying that he figured that was the case because WWE is always great about communicating with him.

Vince also went on to say in the text that, "it could be a good idea someday but not now".