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Co-founders of Riot Games Step Down to Focus on New Projects

13 Octobre 2017

It dominates monthly player bases and boasts one of the largest consistent viewership on popular streaming website Twitch TV. This has led many people to believe their next game is a fighting game, after all, they've hired the talent for it in the shape of the Cannon brothers, Tom and Tony Cannon, who were the driving force behind Rising Thunder's creation. With that growth, Merrill and Beck noted that they have shifted from developer roles to managerial roles within Riot but feel comfortable enough with the team they've brought together to jump back into making games. Specifically, they're going to "finally put the "s' in Riot Games". But it also meant the majority of our time was allocated to "managing" the company rather than creating incredible experiences for players".

This was revealed in a blog post entitled 'Founders' Lane Swap', where the pair talk about the early days of Riot Games, 11 years ago, mentioning that they used to spend "virtually every waking hour of the day (and night!) thinking about how to make League of Legends as great of an experience as possible".

For the duo, it was an unfortunate side effect of League's success, but now they'll be winding back the clock and jumping back into the trenches for the company's next chapter.

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Scott Gelb (CTO), and Nicolo Laurent (President) who have been at Riot Games for a long time will be handling the company's operations moving forward.

It's unclear what Merill and Beck will be working on in the future and it's also unclear whether they will keep their current roles within the company.

Laurent's Twitter bio hints towards Riot's move saying he is: 'Transforming Riot Games into a multi games publisher'. That's exactly what Riot Games did with League of Legends, helping to reshape the entire MOBA and online eSports landscape before trying its hand at a new game.

Co-founders of Riot Games Step Down to Focus on New Projects