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AWS and Microsoft Announce Gluon, Making Deep Learning Accessible to All Developers

13 Octobre 2017

"We look forward to our collaboration with Microsoft on continuing to evolve the Gluon interface for developers interested in making machine learning easier to use".

With that in mind, the duo has launched an open-source deep learning library called Gluon.

Created to allow developers to build and run machine learning models for apps and services, one of its key selling points is that it's created to be used by developers of all abilities. Besides being time-consuming, it's also labor-intensive, often requiring developers to write long lines of complex code that are hard to modify, debug and reuse. Models will be built through Python API, as well as a couple of pre-built neural network components. Gluon's reference specification has been published so that other deep learning engines can be integrated with the interface.

Deep learning engines like Apache MXNet, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit and TensorFlow have emerged to help optimize and speed the training process.

In the joint press release, the two companies have said that Gluon is more concise and easier to understand, compared to competing programs. Fourth, it provides these benefits without slowing down the training process.

"The potential of machine learning can only be realized if it is accessible to all developers".

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The Gluon interface now works with the deep learning framework Apache MXNet and will support Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) in an upcoming release.

"Today's reality is that building and training machine learning models requires a great deal of heavy lifting and specialised expertise", Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Amazon AI was quoted as saying.

"This is why Microsoft has collaborated with AWS to create the Gluon interface and enable an open AI ecosystem where developers have freedom of choice". Machine learning has the ability to transform the way we work, interact and communicate.

"We believe it is important for the industry to work together and pool resources to build technology that benefits the broader community", added Eric Boyd, corporate VP of Microsoft AI and Research. In addition, because the Gluon interface brings together the training algorithm and the neural network model, developers can perform model training one step at a time.

In August, Microsoft and Amazon came to an agreement wherein Cortana users would have access to Alexa and vice-versa. On the other hand both Gluon and ONNX are extensible so Google isn't precluded from joining in.

AWS and Microsoft Announce Gluon, Making Deep Learning Accessible to All Developers