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Trump Warns Puerto Rico Weeks After Storms: Federal Help Cannot Stay 'Forever'

12 Octobre 2017

"We made better progress in the three weeks after D-Day than we are making on Puerto Rico, and in Puerto Rico, to the best of my knowledge, there are no Germans shooting at us", Rep.

Almost three weeks after Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico, the vast majority of the island remains without power and the death toll from the storm has risen to 45, authorities said. But Trump's tweets on Thursday raised questions about whether the US resolve.

After President Donald Trump continued his tirade against Puerto Rico Thursday morning, the mayor of San Juan shot back and said Trump's comments sound like they were coming from "a 'Hater in Chief, '" not the President. "We can not keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been unbelievable (under the most hard circumstances) in P.R. forever!"

President Donald Trump lashed out at hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico on Thursday, insisting in tweets that the federal government can't keep sending help "forever" and suggesting the USA territory was to blame for its financial struggles.

The House is poised to approve on Thursday a $36 billion disaster aid package, $16 billion of which would go toward flood insurance claims and emergency funding to help Puerto Rico. "Successful recoveries do not last forever; they should be as swift as possible to help people resume their normal lives".

The tweets conflicted with Trump's past statements on Puerto Rico.

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FEMA says there are now some 19,000 federal civilian personnel and military service members - including more than 1,400 FEMA personnel - working in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. One-third of the island lacks clean running water and just 8 percent of its roads are passable, according to government statistics.

"We're all Americans, and we owe them what they need", she said. For now, it ignores huge demands from the powerful Florida and Texas delegations, which together pressed for some $40 billion more. Trump then seemed to indicate he may pull federal relief workers, including those under the Federal Emergency Management Agency, from the island. An additional $577 million would pay for western firefighting efforts.

According to the White House transcript, Pence addressed the people of Puerto Rico when he said, "We are with you, we stand with you, and we will be with you every single day until Puerto Rico is restored bigger and better than ever before". He has promised that the island will get what it needs.

"It's heartbreaking and it lacks knowledge. about what the role is for FEMA and the others in time of natural disaster [and] what our responsibility is as the federal government to the people of our country", Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol.

The GOP-run Congress had protracted debates previous year on modest requests by former President Barack Obama to combat the Zika virus and help Flint, Michigan, fix its lead-tainted water system.

Trump Warns Puerto Rico Weeks After Storms: Federal Help Cannot Stay 'Forever'