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President Trump May Issue Executive Order on Obamacare

12 Octobre 2017

"With Congress the way it is, I made a decision to take it upon myself, so we'll be announcing that soon as far as the signing's concerned, but it's largely worked out", he said.

Many Americans are upset by President Donald Trump's referral of many of President Barack Obama executive orders to Congress for review.

He is expected to sign an executive order Thursday to permit small businesses or individuals to join forces and purchase health insurance plans sold across state lines, the Washington Examiner reported. Club for Growth President David McIntosh said expanding association health plans was among six ideas he presented to Trump for changing the ACA administratively at a meeting of conservative leaders at the White House in March.

Many insurers as well as the general public are likely anxiously waiting to see if and when Trump's executive order will come out - and what exactly it will contain, as it could potentially have very substantial implications for health care in the United States. For one, Kissinger lives in NY, where Obamacare premiums increased 16.6% on the individual exchange past year.

"If this executive order is anything like the rumors then it could have a huge impact on stability of the individual insurance market", said Larry Levitt, a health policy expert at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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He said people would be able to buy plans from "many, many competitors", which he implied would drive down prices. "After tax reform, Republicans could adopt another budget resolution next year that provides reconciliation instructions to repeal and ultimately replace Obamacare". Gutting Obamacare was a top Trump campaign promise.

Trump tweeted Tuesday that he would be using his executive powers to address Obamacare regulations.

Last week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a rule that will let businesses and non-profit organizations lodge religious or moral objections to obtain an exemption from the law's mandate that employers provide birth control for women in health insurance with no co-payment.

His administration has slashed the Obamacare advertising budget, halved the open enrollment period and cut funding to groups that help sign people up for insurance under the law.

President Trump May Issue Executive Order on Obamacare