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Oculus Rift now available for just $399 in USA

12 Octobre 2017

In the United Kingdom, some hospices caring for end-of-life patients with terminal illnesses are experimenting with VR headsets to transport their patients back to familiar areas and give them relief from the walls of healthcare units, and in a recent interview, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer said the technology may also one day be applied to air travel, "because it's way better than the back-of-the-seat monitor or my phone". The standalone headset utilizes a fast switch WQHD LCD screen for delivering an impeccable viewing experience. With the new launches, Facebook is looking to control the overall VR experience with the help of onboard computation, which means no need for smartphones or PC. This price cut will put Rift in a better position while competing with competitors like HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Dash is built in React VR-our go-to framework for UI-so in the future we'll explore how developers can plug in to add more features and functionality.

Preorders for the new headset have not yet opened, but you can register your interest on the official Oculus Rift website by following the link below. The Facebook-owned company also claims that the newer optical lenses offer a wider field of view, reducing the "screen door effect" and reducing glare. It also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening.

There's no requirement in society for a portable VR device, and so matter the price or specifications, until there is a true need for either consumers or business to embrace VR, it likely won't go too much further. The company says the Go is "binary-compatible" with apps for the Gear VR. Both headsets share the same controller, so content on the Gear VR will look identical on the Oculus Go.

The Rift is in a similar position to the Vive, having enjoyed a price drop down to £400 (including Touch controllers) down from a peak of £550 at one point this year.

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Oculus also gave a sneak peak of the next phase of its Santa Cruz motion-tracked controllers that enhance the standalone experience of Oculus Go. The company was calling the prototype of this product "Santa Cruz" headset. The company will be shipping first headsets to developers in November.

Oculus has revamped the interface for Rift.

As the cheapest of the VR sets on the market right now, we're not expecting to see massive reductions on PSVR hardware or games this year, but there will doubtless be some discounts. However, the VR still needs a powerful PC, as the source to use this device. There's no must-have app There's no must-have app that's pulling people into the Rift or VR.

The company is also promising to make improvements to avatars themselves.

Oculus Rift now available for just $399 in USA