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Mexico readies for worst as 4th round of NAFTA talks open

12 Octobre 2017

"We're negotiating a NAFTA deal".

Quote "There is no relationship in the world quite like the Canada-U.S. relationship". The fallback position, she said, is that if there is to be an ISDS, damages firms could get from such a secret court would be limited to actual past losses, not losses of expected future profits.

In comments made at the White House with Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, ahead of the start of fourth round of talks, Trump warned it was "possible" that the U.S. would drop out of the 1994 deal. "It's possible we won't be able to reach a deal with one or the other, but in the meantime we'll make a deal with one". That stand alarmed big business, according to a Chamber of Commerce statement.

Former prime minister Stephen Harper is the latest Conservative to head off to Washington to lobby on behalf of efforts by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government to negotiate an updated North American Free Trade Agreement.

For last one and a half years, US President Trump criticised the agreement and also hinted to take some serious steps being in the administration or at least send some ultimatums. All the while, the president has continued threatening to withdraw the United States from the trade agreement. And there's no appeal, either, DeLauro added.

Mexico's foreign relations secretary says his country won't accept "limited, managed trade", an apparent reference to demands for higher USA and regional content rules on products like auto parts.

Those proposals are considered poison pills by Canada and Mexico.

François Fillon placé sous le statut de témoin assisté — Affaire Penelope
C'est d'ailleurs en partie pour son carnet d'adresses démesuré - comprenant de nombreux chefs d'Etat - qu'il a été recruté. Et quand il ne voyage pas pour ses affaires, François Fillon roule en voiture de luxe, sa passion... dévorante.

"My optimism toward NAFTA, toward a renegotiation, isn't based on personality or reading political tea leaves", Trudeau said following his talks with Trump. But now much of the American economy is built around the certainties of NAFTA. NAFTA requires at least 62 percent of a car's parts to be made in North America before the auto can avoid import tariffs and taxes.

The trade negotiations this week in Washington have gotten off to a rocky start, with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce warning that the Trump administration might be sabotaging the talks with unrealistic proposals.

That didn't dismay Reps. Sander Levin, D-Mich.

"Our factories are empty", Dingell said. Yet we have seen that our politicians, like all Canadians, are willing to set aside ideological differences when the chips are down. "Now we have just over 10,000" due to migration of parts plants to Mexico.

To that end, negotiators must comprehensively focus on balanced trade that provides real wage growth for American, Canadian with special emphasis on Mexican workers, whose suppressed wages are harmful for all three countries.

Despite labor's campaign on trade pacts' negative impact in general and the ISDS in particular, Ellison said most people don't know about it. It is unclear whether the combined diplomatic power of Harper, Ambrose and Mulroney can turn the tide, but it is heartwarming to see them willing to give it a try. It undermines democracy and sovereignty.

But US union leaders, including representatives at the AFL-CIO and the United Steelworkers, have expressed support for the deal's demise, a position shared by some Democrats.

Mexico readies for worst as 4th round of NAFTA talks open