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HP Retains Top Spot as Global PC Shipments Continue to Fall: Gartner

12 Octobre 2017

Desktop computer sales have slumped once more in the third quarter, down 3.6 %.

According to Gartner, 67 million computers were shipped in the third quarter (July - September), down from 69.5 million in last year's third quarter. Those numbers are up from 14.4 million shipments and 21.4 percent of the market during the same period previous year.

Research firm Gartner said this was the 12th consecutive quarter when shipments had trended downwards. The American consumer is the main reason for the decline, as the local market shrank 10.3 %.

U.S which is the top market for Apple Inc has shown a decline of 10.3 percent which is pretty major with the company only able to sell 14.7 million units during the quarter.

Data includes desk-based PCs, notebook PCs and ultramobile premiums (such as Microsoft Surface), but not Chromebooks or iPads. "The gains in emerging regions and potential for more commercial replacements represent some upside potential, although we continue to expect incremental declines in total shipments for the next few years".

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"The countries with stable economies, such as the United States, have created a positive sentiment among businesses, especially for small- and mid-sized businesses, which are more vulnerable to external events, such as economic or political".

Dell, meanwhile, saw slightly lower PC shipments globally, its first fall since the first quarter of 2016.

In the Asia-Pacific region, PC shipments reached 24 million units, down 2.1% from the corresponding period in 2016.

"The component price hike impacted the consumer PC market as most vendors generally pass the price hike on to consumers, rather than absorbing the cost themselves", Kitagawa said.

"The traditional PC market performed much as expected in the third quarter", said Loren Loverde, program vice president for worldwide PCD trackers, in a prepared statement.

HP Retains Top Spot as Global PC Shipments Continue to Fall: Gartner