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GOP Senator Asks Trump If He's 'Recanting' Constitutional Oath

12 Octobre 2017

Sasse made a play on words and asked the President if he is "recanting" his oath "to preserve, protect and defend the First Amendment", according to ABC News on Thursday.

On Twitter, Trump continued ranting about "fake news" and suggested NBC and other networks should lose their broadcast licenses. "Not fair to public!" "Trump indicated he wanted a bigger stockpile, not the bottom position on that downward-sloping curve", said the report. Very, very dishonest people in many cases.

The tweet containing Sasse's question had received about 9,000 retweets and 19,000 likes within the first three hours of posting.

In an exclusive, NBC reported Wednesday that Trump said during a July 20 national security meeting (the one after which Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly called Trump a "moron") he wanted a sharp increase - amounting to tenfold - in the US nuclear weapons stockpile.

Sitting next to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the Oval Office on Wednesday, Trump told reporters, "It's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write. And people should look into it", Trump replied.

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"With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License?"

In a brief but pointed statement, Sasse made direct reference to the wording of the President's oath of office.

Are you recanting of the Oath you took on January 20 to preserve, protect, and defend the 1st Amendment?

While the federal government doesn't "license" news networks like NBC, it does issue and renew broadcasting licenses for their local TV affiliates.

GOP Senator Asks Trump If He's 'Recanting' Constitutional Oath