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Google Opinion Rewards Finally Comes to iOS

12 Octobre 2017

Google Opinion Rewards users on Android have been asked questions like what Project Ara's modules should cost, and what Android "N" should be named.

Everyone likes the idea of earning money, and most people like to voice their opinion.

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Surveys take less than 30 seconds to complete and users will receive a $1 deposit to a linked PayPal account. Previously limited to Android, the app pays users to complete surveys that are 10 questions or less. This was not an option for iOS users, so Google chose to credit the earnings through PayPal. Today marks the first time that the application is officially available on iOS. The surveys cover a variety of topics including "TV shows you like to apps you may have used". You'll need a PayPal account to sign up for the service, and it'll need to be linked to the app before you start earning. Users can skip an offered survey whenever they'd like without penalty. Head over to iTunes and download the Google Opinion Rewards app. Sign up and tie your PayPal to the app, then you'll start receiving notifications when there are surveys available for you to answer.

Google announced the launch of its Opinion Rewards iOS app, saying it is available to iPhone users now.

Google Opinion Rewards Finally Comes to iOS