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Flash announcement on nuclear agreement with Iran from the UK

12 Octobre 2017

Several congressional Democrats who split with President Barack Obama to oppose the nuclear agreement with Iran are now urging President Donald Trump to uphold the worldwide accord, arguing that robust enforcement is the best way to counter Tehran's malign behavior in the Middle East.

"As flawed as the deal is, I believe we must now enforce the hell out of it", Representative Ed Royce said at a hearing.

Iran has already threatened the U.S. with dire consequences if it imposes sanctions against the country.

"We got nothing", Trump told Fox News in reference to the 2015 accord negotiated with Iran by the United States and five other world powers.

President Donald Trump's decision on the 2015 Iran nuclear deal could come on Friday, and experts say the "writing is on the wall" that the administration won't recertify the landmark agreement and he likely will turn his attention to getting European support on fixing it.

"We need to work with allies and partners on a shared agenda that holds the regime in Iran accountable, not dividing America from our closest friends across the globe", he said.

Pékin monte en créneau face à Trump — Accord nucléaire iranien
Téhéran a accepté de réduire le nombre de ses centrifugeuses, qui passeraient de 19 000 à environ 6 100. Rohani lors d'une intervention en conseil des ministres retransmise par la télévision d'État.

Johnson said the agreement - under which Iran agreed to limit its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions - "was the culmination of 13 years of painstaking diplomacy and has increased security, both in the region and in the UK".

Yet Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency reported Wednesday that the country's foreign minister said Tehran "will never" renegotiate the deal.

A decision by Trump to decertify the deal would leave it at grave risk, with the US Congress having 60 days to decide whether to re-impose specific sanctions on Tehran that were lifted because of the diplomatic pact.

"This is the worst deal". In a recent review of Iran's compliance of the deal, the White House found the country to have met the requirements, yet Trump insisted on scrapping the deal, stating it was no longer in the US' security interests. But Trump more recently has said he does not expect to certify Iran's compliance with the October deadline looming.

Deutch said the danger of walking away from the agreement is that those expiration dates "would have effectively dropped from a decade to a day" because Iran would be freed of its obligations under the deal. "Once it was entered into, once it was implemented, we want to see it enforced".

Flash announcement on nuclear agreement with Iran from the UK