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Equifax reportedly hacked again, this tie with fake pop ups

12 Octobre 2017

Equifax Inc. pulled one of its customer help pages from its site so the company's security team can investigate reports of another possible cyber attack.

The link delivered fraudulent Adobe Flash updates, according to the website Ars technica. "We appreciate your patience during this time and ask that you check back with us soon", the page informs users-without any mention of the fact that earlier visitors to the page may have been tricked into installing adware.

The firm said it took down the link for credit report assistance temporarily "out of an abundance of caution".

Equifax - whose multimillionaire CEO made a decision to set sail from the company weeks after the announcement that, under his watch, the information of 143 million Americans was obtained by hackers - was sending visitors of its website to the completely bogus software update.

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Equifax's security protocols have been under scrutiny since September 7 when the company disclosed its systems had been breached between mid-May and late July.

Last month, Equifax disclosed that it had sensitive information from 145.5 million people compromised, leading to multiple investigations and a Justice Department probe.

As a credit reporting agency, Equifax keeps vast amounts of consumer data for banks and other creditors to use to determine the chances of their customers' defaulting.

Equifax reportedly hacked again, this tie with fake pop ups