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Angelina Jolie Shares Her 'Harper's Bazaar' Cover with Three Rescue Cheetahs!

12 Octobre 2017

On what Namibia represents to her: "For me, Namibia represents not only ties of family and friendship but also the effort to the balance between humans and the environment so crucial to our future".

After speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, Angelina Jolie has shared a powerful essay revealing how her many life experiences have "defined" her.

The background of the cover featured a majestic and picturesque desert scene along with the spotted large felines.

On what her life experience has taught her: "If my life experience has taught me anything, it is only what you stand for, and what you choose to stand against, that defines you".

As she is very passionate about the environment, the A-list star wrote about our individual and collective impacts on it as she explains that we could all be making much more conscious decisions when it comes to clothing and consumption choices.

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"Fashion was once a major factor in encouraging the demands for clothes, jewelry or objects made from wildlife parts". Each of us has the power to make an impact through our everyday choices. "We can end the demand for wild animals as pets". "This behavior towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable", Ange told the outlet.

The mother-of-six also writes about female empowerment and how the environment relates to the treatment of women in the world and women's rights.

Angelina also opens up about the link between the environment and women's rights in the piece, saying, "Women make up most of the world's poor. when the environment is damaged - for example when fishing stocks are destroyed, wildlife is killed by poachers, or tropical forests are bulldozed - it deepens their poverty. Women's education and health are the first things to suffer".

Ashley Judd was among the first to accuse Harvey of sexual harassment.

Angelina Jolie Shares Her 'Harper's Bazaar' Cover with Three Rescue Cheetahs!