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HTC Developing A New Vive Eclipse VR Headset

11 Octobre 2017

HTC recently sold much of its smartphone business to Google but it has kept the virtual reality division that seems to have been quite busy. That's likely and the HTC Vive Eclipse headset might be one of those products. The term itself may also denote a successor to the HTC Vive seeing how trademark applications usually have an extremely broad scope, especially those filed by tech companies.

With the holiday buying season coming up I suspect we should find out sooner rather than later.

Somewhat beleaguered company HTC has sold off much of its phone business to Google, but chose to retain its VR headset division, and this section of the company has continued to be busy, apparently developing a new VR device.

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"The trademark listing for the HTC Vive Eclipse was filed in New Zealand on the 6th of October and the filing describes the device as being a head-mounted display for computer simulated reality.". It's an application for a trademark on the moniker Vive Eclipse.

HTC hasn't said anything about this product so far and hasn't hinted that a new full-fledged VR headset is on the horizon.

HTC Developing A New Vive Eclipse VR Headset