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TeamIndus Has Made Substantial Progress on Moon Mission: Lunar XPRIZE Judges

06 Octobre 2017

Bengaluru-based aerospace start-up TeamIndus is scouting for funds and sponsors to build a spacecraft with a rover for landing and exploring the lunar surface.

Team Indus, which was founded by Rahul Narayan in 2011 has already cleared three rounds of funding, but still has Rs 225 crore left to raise before launching the lunar spacecraft.

Besides, 130 crew members, TeamIndus is being supported by 20 former ISRO scientists.

Panel of judges for Google Lunar XPRIZE assesses progress made so far An worldwide panel of expert judges from the Google Lunar XPRIZE which reviewed a detailed mission plan of TeamIndus, the only Indian team competing for the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, expressed satisfaction over the progress made by the team.

The panel Chairman, Professor Alan Wells, victor of the Arthur C Clarke Lifetime Achievement Award, said they were impressed by the Team's progress.

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Independent Judge and Director at the International Space Science Institute in Bern, Switzerland, John Zarnecki appreciating the progress of Team Indus ISRO efforts, said: "We were checking parameters like whether the rover would actually be able to go and cover the required 500 meters".

"I think we have seen very substantial progress.They are heading in the right direction".

The Indian firm is competing against SpaceIL (Israel), Moon Express (US), Synergy Moon (international) and Hakuto (Japan) in the competition. "They are doing well". His young colleague, Adithya, a Systems Engineer, said "It is so great to work with the experiences people from ISRO -the work of ISRO was what made me join this field".

The victor team in the competition programme will not only land its rover on the surface of the moon, but also traverse 500 metre on the surface of the moon and send back high-definition images and videos.

The 30 million dollar Google Lunar XPRIZE was launched to encourage low cost robotic space exploration.

TeamIndus Has Made Substantial Progress on Moon Mission: Lunar XPRIZE Judges