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Joburg warns residents for bird flu H5N8

05 Octobre 2017

It is not just Johannesburg that has been hit by the disease.

There has been evidence in various parts of the city including around Westdene Dam, Emmarentia Dam, Zoo Lake and the Joburg Zoo that some birds had been infected with the flu.

"This stems from the migration patterns across the various continents of free-roaming birds". However residents are urged to take the necessary precautions by not handling sick or dead birds‚ nor feeding sick birds‚ and to report sightings of sick or dead birds to JCPZ on 011-712-6600. "A team is on standby to assist with the removal of diseased birds and then ensure that all poultry products are properly cooked".

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Despite having recovered over 580 carcasses and a further 243 chicks having been incinerated, the city said there weren't any concerns for humans. The enclosures where they had been kept had been treated with lime to disinfect it, and according to Moodley, this was adequate to protect birds against the H5N8 avian influenza virus.

"Veterinarian to ensure that the valuable collection of vulnerable species, continue to be protected as per the biosecurity measures put in place by the State Vet at the Joburg Zoo", added Sifumba. Vehicles exiting from inside the Zoo are sprayed.

"Symptoms in birds include a combination of respiratory problems, symptoms of diarrhoea".

Joburg warns residents for bird flu H5N8