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Son of Trump Administration Official Invested in Marijuana Company

04 Octobre 2017

What do you think of Shane McMahon's decision to invest money in a marijuana company?

The story noted that other members of Trump's cabinet have been adamant that marijuana shouldn't be legalized.

Shane's role in the business was to help generate a buzz around the modules.

Connecticut-based EnviroGrow, which McMahon invested in, sells pre-fabricated modules for growing weed in states where the drug is legal for medical or recreational use.

. The article also talked about Linda McMahon being include in the current administration's cabinet, and how Shane's investment is in contrast to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions' hard line stance against the drug.

Another is that marijuana is illegal under WWE's Wellness Policy.

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The SBA, which encourages entrepreneurship by providing loans to US start-ups, does not give seed money to cannabis companies.

EnviroGrow was started in 2012 by Joseph Palmieri, the owner of Connecticut Tank, an environmental cleanup company. Maybe it can be spun to say that McMahon invested in a company that doesn't grow marijuana but builds the facilities to grow marijuana even though it's still the marijuana industry.

Shane McMahon revealed his interest in EnviroGrow in a lawsuit filed in a CT court previous year in which he accused the company's owner of duping him about the state of the company.

McMahon's lawsuit accused Palmieri of misleading him about the state of the company. McMahon invested in the company and went to Fort Collins, Colorado, to their manufacturing plant and according to the lawsuit, found it virtually nonexistent, and demanded a return of his investment money, and Palmieri refused. "It's a great little business and it's up and coming".

Son of Trump Administration Official Invested in Marijuana Company