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Windows 10 PC Cuphead save glitch is killing progress

03 Octobre 2017

Want to see someone who's infinitely better at games than you?

One of this year's most hard games is being beaten very quickly just days after its release.

At least for the players who were able to properly download and install it. The issues started Friday when people began reporting on Twitter and Reddit that after purchasing the game they were still unable to download and install it. According to a customer support representative, there was a problem with the purchase and content servers, and that it would take only a few hours to resolve the issue.

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One of the standout elements of the newly released Xbox One and PC platformer/run-and-gun game Cuphead is its brutal difficulty.

Aeraloth's impressive (and faintly demoralising) achievement comes alongside the news that some players are experiencing serious progress-deleting bugs when exiting the Windows 10 version of Cuphead. As a number of angry reviews on the Cuphead page reveal, however, many were unable to install the game their either. The autosave feature seems to be completely bugged, resulting in players leaving the game, and returning to find all their hard-earned progress completely lost.

Apparently, there is a glitch in using ALT-Tab keys to quickly quit the game that causes this saving bug. Reviews for the game on the Microsoft Store have also been addressing similar complaints about losing progress due to exiting the game via Alt-Tab or other means, making it seem to be a fairly common occurrence. "Hopefully knowing that, you can avoid this issue until we are able to send a patch".

Windows 10 PC Cuphead save glitch is killing progress