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Citing Chicago, Sanders Says It's 'Premature' to Discuss Gun Control

03 Octobre 2017

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday it is too early to debate gun control policies following the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas. She likewise deemed it "premature" to call the shooting "domestic terrorism".

"Has this particular massacre made the President think anything more about pursuing tighter gun laws such as background checks to prevent a massacre like this from happening again?"

"There will be, certainly, a time for that policy discussion to take place", Sanders added.

Apparently it also is hard for Trump's team to resist talking about policy, even when it insists that "today is a day for consoling the survivors and mourning those we lost". Yet as the death toll continues to climb, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has insisted now is "not the time" to revisit the debate over gun control.

Chicago police First Deputy Superintendent Kevin Navarro said the department had been working on arrangements to receive more assistance from federal law enforcement since November, during former President Barack Obama's administration.

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But after that, Sanders was asked about gun control and turned the attention to Chicago and its struggles with gun violence. Certainly, I think there's a time for that to happen'. But, she said, "I'm not sure that it's specific to that" and declined to give any details of legislation Trump would support.

Monday, Kelly began her comments on Twitter by writing: "Congress, 50 people went to a concert & didn't come home because of one man with a weapon of war".

Despite this, Sanders told reporters it would be "premature" to explore the idea of tightening gun laws through measures like background checks.

Sanders, who said that Trump could potentially lead a bipartisan effort to examine gun laws, said that the White House will ultimately seek to avoid laws that would ultimately not stop mass shootings.

Citing Chicago, Sanders Says It's 'Premature' to Discuss Gun Control