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Iranian, Iraqi government forces to hold joint border drills

01 Octobre 2017

Pressure has been building on officials in Erbil, Kurdistan's regional capital, over the referendum, with regional carriers, including Turkish Airlines, Egypt Air and Lebanon's Middle East Airlines submitting to Baghdad's request to suspend their flights serving Iraqi Kurdistan.

Turkey is advising its citizens to leave Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish region before flights to the area are suspended.

Earlier this week, Iraqi soldiers also took part in a joint military exercise with Turkey. A Kurdish official at the Turkish border crossing described the situation there as "tense".

On Saturday, military spokesman General Masoud Jazayeri told Iranian state television that commanders have made a decision to hold joint war games with Iraq. Faeq also said that the airport was always under the supervision of Iraqi civil aviation, and complied with all instructions from Iraqi authorities.

"We will enforce federal authority in the Kurdistan region, and we already have started doing that", the prime minister said.

The flight ban was the first major step Baghdad has taken to express its outrage over the referendum.

The deputy chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Brig.

Govt to benefit from disunited opposition, says Khursheed Shah
In a statement on Thursday, Shah demanded that PTI should be open about their reasons for wanting to change the opposition leader. PTI and, MQM-P join hands to oust Khursheed Shah. "PTI leaders are trying to fulfill some other agenda through this move".

Iran and Turkey criticized the referendum amid fears it might strengthen separatist feelings in their own ethnic Kurdish minorities.

Closing their borders would also hurt Turkey, whose exports to the region are worth more than $8 billion a year, and Iran, which exports about $6 billion.

U.S. officials on Friday declared that the independence referendum was illegitimate. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement on Friday, September 29. The United States asks all parties, including Iraq's neighbors, to reject unilateral actions and the use of force.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Thursday he wants to hold a summit with Iranian and Iraqi leaders to coordinate how to respond to the controversial Iraqi Kurdish independence referendum.

The United States does not recognize the independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan U.S.

He indicated that there would be no negotiation with the responsible kurds, as long as they do not declare the referendum results null and void and do not call in Baghdad the border crossings, airports, and the disputed regions where they have deployed their forces.

"Territorial integrity and unity of Iraq".

Iranian, Iraqi government forces to hold joint border drills