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In #TakeAKnee, Donald Trump Has Found a Worthy Web Opponent

01 Octobre 2017

Trump said at a campaign rally in Alabama last week that NFL owners should fire players who kneel during the national anthem. Some teams locked arms on the sidelines, many players knelt and other teams didn't even come on out to the field until the anthem was finished.

The Republican president told "Fox & Friends" in an interview broadcast on Thursday that he is friends with many National Football League team owners and they were "in a box" over how to handle the kneeling protests of racial disparities in the country. "They're going to think about the best thing that they want to do and whatever we decide, hopefully, we decide to do it together".

"I think there was also a sentiment. that the issues are being obscured and distorted by people with political agendas", Lockhart said.

As for school leaders, Monroe City School Board President Rodney McFarland said he won't allow a coach to punish a player for this kind of peaceful protest.

Commissioner Roger Goodell and some owners met for several hours Tuesday night with a select group of players, to discuss the protests and next steps.

By Sunday evening, there were reports that more than 100 players had knelt, sat or otherwise signaled protests during the anthem. "They'll be the most popular person in this country".

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The recent exchange of insults between President Donald Trump and some in the National Football League was the latest indication that there is no safe place remaining where one can hide from politics.

He said the protests are no longer about Kaepernick or protesting police brutality, but instead opposing Trump.

NFL players are still taking a knee during the National Anthem this season. He said that Trump's remarks, however, breathed new life into the anthem protests.

Fans of the Washington Redskins, who are historically loyal, booed players for kneeling and locking arms during the national anthem.

If we want to be proud to be from a country like America and all the things that we hang our hats on like diversity, equality, land of the free and home of the fearless, it's everybody's responsibility to ensure that everyone in the country is being afforded the same rights. Entire teams locked arms as a show of unity while other players chose to kneel or sit during the national anthem. Some experts said the city would never be repaid its initial investment, others said that new revenue generated from stadiums and stadium related activities would more than equal the taxpayers' dollars spent. Bryant said he's just trying to move forward now. And then fast forward to Charlottesville and the country sees what an un-American protest really looks like and that's when I had my change of heart.

"White people make up roughly 62 percent of the USA population but only about 49 percent of those who are killed by police officers", The Washington Post reports.

In #TakeAKnee, Donald Trump Has Found a Worthy Web Opponent