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Principale » NY village changes seal with founder choking Native American to wrestling match

NY village changes seal with founder choking Native American to wrestling match

28 Septembre 2017

It's weird that a village in central NY state called Whitesboro would use a seal that depicts a white man strangling a Native American man to the ground, right??

It still features village founder Hugh White in a friendly wrestling match with an Oneida Indian, but there are some changes.

The Village Board decided on the new design, Nimey-Olney added.

White "lived among the Indians as their friend and the Village Seal depicts a friendly wrestling match that helped foster good relations between White and the Indians", the village says on its website. "They wanted each other's respect through things like this wrestling match". The controversy even reached the nationally televised "The Daily Show". That led to the non-binding vote, which ended with 157 residents voting to leave the seal alone, out of 212 votes cast. The residents of Whitesboro don't think so; they voted to keep their super-racist village logo a year ago.

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Village officials said previous year that they would work with the Oneida Indian Nation to come up with a new design for the seal. An online petition in the summer of 2015 called for the seal to be changed, stating it was disrespectful to Native Americans.

A student at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Institute was involved in the new design, Whitesboro Village Clerk Dana Nimey-Olney said today.

Oneida spokesman Joel Barkin said nation officials had no comment on the new seal.