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LA County Students Show Minimal Gains In Third Year Of Revamped Testing

28 Septembre 2017

In the grade-level results among the 212,640 students who were test countywide, there was improvement in five of the seven grade levels during the past year.

Russell Ranch Elementary in Folsom, Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary in Folsom and Arnold Adreani Elementary in Elk Grove all had more than 80 percent of students meet math standards. Overall for 2017 testing that took place last spring, county scores across all grade levels increased by one percentage point in both English language arts and math for students in grades 3-8 and 11, who took the statewide tests.

On the English and literacy front, 40 percent of LAUSD students met or exceeded standards, and another 24 percent "nearly met" those standards.

According to the DPI, 42.7 percent of all Wisconsin students scored proficient or advanced in English language arts in 2016-2017, up from 41.5 percent in 2015-2016. Math scores were higher than last year's but just barely, from 37 to 37.56 percent of students meeting the standard.

In El Dorado County, 60.2 percent of students met or exceeded the standard for English while 49.72 percent of students met or exceeded the math standard. The statewide scores reported by DPI include results from both tests.

In mathematics, 37.56 percent of students met or exceeded standards (see Table 2), also an increase of 4.56 percentage points from 2015. This year, for the first time, scores were precise to two decimal points, making it hard to get an accurate comparison. For choice students, the statewide average was 17.9 points, down from 18.1 the previous year. Los Angeles County and LAUSD fell short of the state averages, though the county came close.

Roughly 3.2 million third- through eighth-graders took the online tests, which stress critical thinking, problem-solving and preparing students for the real world.

"I'm pleased we retained our gains, but we have much more work to do", said state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. "We need to work diligently to narrow achievement gaps and make sure all students continue to make progress", he said. It's important to remember that these tests are far more rigorous and realistic than the previous paper and pencil tests.

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In sync with performance kept since California adopted a new school standardized testing system, San Mateo County students again outscored their cohorts across the state. About 26.6 percent almost met the standard, down from 28 percent the year before, and 43.5 percent failed to meet it, the same as 2016.

"We know that our students will be doing more reading and writing across all subject areas which builds vocabulary and fluency in all areas of study including math, science, social science and elective courses", she said, while adding the district's new language arts curriculum could help forward the effort as well.

Scores on the assessments fall into one of four achievement levels: standard exceeded, standard met, standard almost met, and standard not met. In 2015, 45 percent of 11th-grade Latino students met those standards, and in 2017, that rose to 52 percent.

District spokeswoman Amber Farinha said in an email while officials are comfortable with the scores which largely reflect student achievement from the year prior, room for improvement remains.

"We would like to attain the same progress on our new assessments that California is experiencing on other measures of school success", Kirst said. "Instead of teaching to the middle of the road, we're saying, 'What do individual students need?' and reaching out toward that".

Smaller districts, such as Baker Valley and Trona, which are more vulnerable to swings in results based on the composition of any given student body, saw dramatic movement this year.

Significant achievement gaps remain between groups of students.

The dashboard, which will be launched in December, also will rate schools on the progress of English learners, high school graduation rates, college and career readiness, chronic absenteeism, and, initially, suspension rates.

LA County Students Show Minimal Gains In Third Year Of Revamped Testing