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Lawbreakers free weekend starts 28 September

27 Septembre 2017

LawBreakers will be free to play this weekend on Steam. It'll run through October 2, and until October 4 you can grab the game at a 25% discount.

Additionally, Boss Key has released a new trailer for LawBreakers focusing on its varied weapon arsenal and making use of a classic police instructional video or something.

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If you slept on LawBreakers but find it intriguing, know that it's a competent and exciting arena shooter with plenty of verticality and frenetic combat. Lucky for you, criminal scum, LawBreakers is offering a free weekend this week, giving you an opportunity to destroy even the most fundamental laws of physics. While games like Overwatch are obviously the cream of the crop, there are characters bursting with personality and unique playstyles in LawBreakers, along with plenty of loot to collect. You might decide you want to rise over the competition (literally) with Maverick or another high-flying hero.

Lawbreakers free weekend starts 28 September