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Floyd family on mission trip dealing with aftermath of Hurricane Maria

27 Septembre 2017

Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico, and millions are without electricity and clean drinking water. Food, water and medical are top priorities - and doing well. The larger church will do that and they will contact us and say we have a family that is being displaced to Westfield.

"The magnitude of this hurricane and the two we passed is unprecedented", he added, noting Puerto Rico's government debt of more than $70 billion even before the hurricane. The island - which is technically a part of the United States - was ravaged by Hurricane Irma and Maria this past week leaving thousands without power.

"A territory of 3.5 million American citizens is nearly completely without power, water, food and telephone service, and we have a handful of helicopters involved in DOD's (Department of Defence) response".

It bears repeating that Puerto Rico is a USA territory, and all of its residents are US citizens.

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"We have been really treated very, very nicely by the governor and everyone else", he said.

"It's life or death, every moment we spend planning in a meeting or every moment we spend just not getting the help we're supposed to get, people are starting to die", Cruz said. "The island is devastated", Trump said Tuesday. They will be loaded on to planes and ships and sent to the Hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

Recovery has been slow to restore food, water and power to the island. A text from her sister on Tuesday says she has also gotten sick and is anxious about the painful welts growing on her face. The second one hit Puerto Rico as a category 5.

"I can't guarantee that this will get to my family directly, but I hope they help someone in that same situation that is looking for that support", Serbones said. "Everybody has said it's fantastic the job we have done in Puerto Rico". Most of the island remains without power, and at least 16 people have died. "Is the President of the United States saying that the mammoth hurricane damage is Puerto Rico's fault?" posed Samantha Power, the former USA ambassador to the U.N.