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Dr Foster hints at third series for BBC drama

26 Septembre 2017

The 2,500-year-old play draws huge similarities to Doctor Foster as the plot followed a wife who seeked violent revenge for her husband's infidelity.

Mike Bartlett, the BBC show's writer, chose to update the story for television after directing a stage production, but he did not reveal his inspiration in case the BBC thought the idea too bloodthirsty.

Will Gemma Foster be taking the same route?

The finale of series two of Doctor Foster is so shocking that a third series could be unlikely, the show's writer has teased.

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He told Radio Times: "Depending on what happens at the end of series two, a third might not be possible".

This also explains why both series of "Doctor Foster" are spread across five episodes like a classical drama, rather than the more familiar four or six for TV dramas. "I certainly hope it makes people think about how they conduct themselves, if they do split with somebody", Jones stated, before adding that she also hopes "viewers enjoyed the ride of watching two people who really fucking hate each other having to breathe the same air".

He said: "I wanted to take some of those misogynist ideas about mad women and witches, and hopefully subvert them". But I think that what Mike does brilliantly is to play with the audience's expectations'.

"I get upset when people describe Gemma as mad. You'd say he was fighting back".

Dr Foster hints at third series for BBC drama