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Police teams use dogs to search for Mexico quake survivors

24 Septembre 2017

Navy Assistant Secretary Angel Enrique Sarmiento said all of the school's children have been accounted for, although traces of blood and other signs indicate someone might be alive in the rubble.

"We have done an accounting with school officials and we are certain that all the children either died, unfortunately, or are in hospitals or are safe at their homes", Sarmiento said.

The search for survivors has continued for two days after the massive natural disaster.

Many in South Florida were watching the Enrique Rebsamen school, where rescuers found 21 children dead after the Tuesday quake, but a little girl wiggled her fingers, so rescuers could see her.

As rescue workers raced to free people from the ruins of Enrique Rébsamen school, Mexicans fixated on the fate of the child.

Hour after excruciating hour, Mexicans were transfixed by dramatic efforts to reach a young girl thought buried in the rubble of a school destroyed by a magnitude 7.1 quake.

It's been four days since Mexico was struck by a 7.1 magnitude quake that has claimed at least 286 victims, but rescue missions will continue as long as people remain trapped under the rubble, officials said.

Meanwhile, searches at other collapsed buildings in central Mexico continued Friday as volunteer brigades joined government efforts to reach possible survivors and clear away rubble. Shortly before dawn the pile of debris shuddered ominously, prompting those working atop it to evacuate. Soldiers, rescuers and medics worked relentlessly, including some who said they had been there for 36 hours before being relieved.

Be careful as it could collapse and become a very large sink hole!'

One dead in Friday night Hartford shooting
Francis Hospital and Medical Center with gunshot injuries that were not considered life threatening. Police say the shooting was drug related, and that there is no threat to the public at this time.

As often happens in disasters, authorities expected the death toll to rise, because people could have been trapped in buildings when they collapsed.

The poorest living on the outskirts of cities and in rural areas are among those most likely to be injured or killed in earthquakes, particularly as many build their own homes without proper structural advice, said experts.

The 24-year-old physiotherapist spent hours at a hall that is being used to distribute supplies.

To provide some scope of the affected area, Oaxaca de Juarez, the capital of Oaxaca state, is nearly 480 kilometers (300 miles) from Mexico City. "We're feeling disoriented and desperate because we haven't heard anything from her", said her brother, 30.

"Because I think what kills us most is the desperation of not knowing anything". He couldn't get through to any of his friends by cellphone but nonetheless ran into them while combing through rubble. "They keep telling us there is life in there, but we keep on waiting", Estrada said.

National Civil Protection chief Luis Felipe Puente said there were 155 dead in Mexico City.

Three days of national mourning have been declared, but the mood on the street is less of sorrow than of determination to find survivors, bury the dead and quickly begin the task of rebuilding after the powerful temblor, which struck central Mexico on the 32-year anniversary of the catastrophic 1985 quake that caused 20,000 deaths.

"There are still people groaning".