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Mexico Earthquake: Who is Frida Sofia? Mexican Authorities Just Don't Know

23 Septembre 2017

A Mexican navy official apologized to the public for the confusion over the reports about a young girl trapped in the rubble of a collapsed school in Mexico City after this week's quake. "So. we go onward".

KABC reported that Frida carries a camera on her harness to assist rescue crews as she navigates areas that would not be accessible otherwise.

Efforts were not fast enough, though, for some family members waiting outside an office building that collapsed in the fashionable Roma neighbourhood.

Her credits for the most recent disaster has not been tallied yet, said Navy Captain Armando Segura, because she is still busy trying to save lives. Wrapped in a blanket, Cristal Estrada paced back and forth near the tent where she spent the night on the street and anxious about her missing brother Martin, a 31-year-old accountant married with two children including a 4-month-old baby girl. "It is false that we are demolishing structures where there could be survivors", Puente said. In other cases, the salvation seemed nearly miraculous. Then an entire apartment building across the street crumbled and a big tank of heating gas on its roof slid off, but didn't explode. A young girl supposedly trapped in the rubble of a Mexico City school toppled by a powerful quake this week never existed, officials said yesterday, denying accounts that had gripped all of Mexico and spurred global media attention. This involved the plight of "Frida Sofia," the 12-year-old girl who supposedly wiggled her fingers from underneath the rubble. Since early Wednesday, the nation's attention had been glued to the effort to free the girl from the rubble of the school in southern Mexico City.

Various details about her emerged in the media: that rescue workers had been in contact with her or picked up signs of her on sound and heat detecting devices, and that they were inching their way towards her through the collapsed school.

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Reports that no-one had come forward as parents of the child sparked some scepticism and the school itself said on Thursday morning they had no student registered under that name.

But she never existed, Mexican navy officials now say.

"We have carried out a full count with the directors of the school and we are sure that all the children are either safe at home, in the hospital or unfortunately died", Angel Enrique Sarmiento, a top officer in the Mexican marines, told journalists at the ruins of the Enrique Rebsamen school on the capital's south side. Adult, not child, may be alive in collapsed school after Mexico quake, navy official saysOf all the personnel deployed, there is one rescuer who is winning hearts around the world: Meet Frida. These may have been left by a woman who worked at the school, the only person still on the school's missing list.

Sarmiento told Televisa all the children at the school had been accounted for. "As long as there is the slightest possibility of someone alive, we will continue searching with the same energy". "It was a confusion", volunteer rescuer Alfredo Padilla told the news agency.

Mexico Earthquake: Who is Frida Sofia? Mexican Authorities Just Don't Know