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'IT' is now the highest-grossing horror film in United States history

23 Septembre 2017

It's box office grosses certainly aren't lurking down in the sewers.

It has surpassed The Exorcist to become the highest grossing horror movie of all time! In contrast, "The Exorcist" had grossed United States dollars 232.9 million domestically. "The Exorcist" is still the top-grossing horror film on an global basis, having netted $441.3 million globally to "It's" $404.3 million.

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This isn't the only record the movie has broken during its short tenure in theaters so far. The film is now the ninth highest-grossing R-rated release in history and the highest-grossing September release.

Variety reports that the movie has brought in a staggering $236 million domestically in just 14 days, surpassing the $232 million that The Exorcist made during its entire theatrical run, which included two re-releases. Dark Tower's promotional materials promised a muddled action-oriented fantasy without a clear plot, though it was anchored by stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. The distributors reignited interest in horror titles back in 2013, when its Vera Farmiga/Patrick Wilson project The Conjuring pulled in an unexpected $137.4 million on top of strong critical reviews. Other recent genre hits for the studio include 2015's The Gallows ($22.7 million on a $100,000 budget) and 2016's Lights Out ($67.3 million on a $5 million budget).