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Xiaomi ready to release smart phones with wireless charging

22 Septembre 2017

The jury is still out, but it seems that putting a tap-and-pay credit card on your wireless charging pad might interrupt your phone's wireless charging - not because it'll catch fire or fry your phone or your credit card, but because the wireless charger will go into a safety mode.

Wireless Power Consortium was formed in 2008, with the aim to enhance the adoption of Qi charging technology.

The Chinese company has not released any official to confirm that it will be joining the consortium. Even though there is no official statement from the Chinese firm, the WPC listing suggests that next flagship from the company will support wireless charging. By the way, in the WPC are not only Apple and Xiaomi, but also Nokia, Samsung, ASUS, LG and several other brands of A-class.

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In all likelihood, support for the Qi standard built in future flagship Xiaomi Mi 7, announcement of which is expected in February or March of the new 2018. According to the speculation, the Mi 7 might be featured with 6-inch OLED display opted from the Samsung, with Snapdragon 845 processor coupled with 6 GB or 8 GB RAM. The presence of wireless charging on Mi 7 could mean that it will be arriving with glass chassis.

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X support Qi wireless charging, along with Apple Watch Series 3. However, none of the smartphone with metal bodies feature WiPower wireless charging.

The Qi system of charging allows users to place their wireless charging enabled device on a charging pad that is connected to a power outlet. Through the use of induction charging (which uses coils inside the phone and the pad), a magnetic field is created which produces electricity. After all, a phone that uses bone conduction for audio should offer wireless charging. But now by using wireless charging user can easily charge their device which is placed at a nearby distance. Share us your thoughts by commenting below.

Xiaomi ready to release smart phones with wireless charging