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How Akira Toriyama Designed Android 21

22 Septembre 2017

While most people are looking forward to using Goku or Vegeta, one character that got the fans attention is Android 21, someone only made for the game. Developer Arc System Works has been hard at work creating a top-notch fighting game hybrid that will feature fast-paced action with some of the most familiar fighters in anime. And instead of posting one trailer at a time, we've chose to share all of them in this article. Not much is known about this mysterious foe, but we do know she has a connection with Android 16. Needless to say, Android 21 stood out among the bunch especially since "Dragon Ball FighterZ" is going to be her debut in the franchise. Unlike Android 21, Dr. Gero has appeared in manga on several occasions before.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is shaping up to be a victor. However, this was later defeated by Goku, which led the scientist to deeply hate the main protagonist.

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While at Namco Bandai earlier this week in Tokyo, Kotaku participated in a roundtable discussion with Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki, who described how the process went, which helped clarify Toriyama's involvement. Then, there is also Tien Shinhan - the devoted martial artist familiar for his bald head, muscular build and third eye. Dragon Ball FighterZ will release on the Xbox One in February 2018.

How Akira Toriyama Designed Android 21