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Paramount is Not Happy About JJ Abrams' Return to Star Wars

21 Septembre 2017

It looks like Star Wars Rebels is going to go on a long holiday hiatus after airing the first batch episodes of its fourth and final season on Disney XD. Here's what another insider had to say about how Gianopulos couldn't be "an asshole" and tell J.J. Abrams he couldn't direct Star Wars 9. However, the problem is that he has not directed for Paramount since 2013 thanks to Disney/Lucasfilm.

Exactly how this saga unfolds is up for question at this stage, but all signs now point to Paramount brokering a new deal with Abrams - not unlike those plans that were drawn up circa 2013, when Justin Lin was brought on board to oversee development on Star Trek Beyond in the director's absence. And with no finished script yet for "Episode IX", and the release date pushed to December 2019, Abrams' deal with Paramount will have expired by the time he's done (it ends the summer of 2018).

But as The Hollywood Reporter reveals, Paramount and CEO Jim Gianopulos were none too pleased with the decision.

Abrams is no stranger to the series, as he helped reignite the Star Wars film franchise when he directed 2015's "Star Wars: The Force Awakens".

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But this wouldn't be the first time that a Paramount CEO has been furious with Abrams.

During Abrams' tenure at Paramount, the studio has seen a nice $5.7 billion from Star Trek and Super 8 films. This new report has sparked speculation from some websites that there could be a lawsuit brewing, but there is no indication from this report that Paramount is even considering legal action. But the payment is said to be a one-time shot of less than seven figures, which isn't much to cover a two-year absence. And Paramount knows that. He didn't understand how Abrams' generous deal with his studio could allow the director to take the job.

"You might not put him in the pantheon (alongside Spielberg), but he's a writer, producer and director. You do the right thing, and hopefully people repay that".

Paramount is Not Happy About JJ Abrams' Return to Star Wars