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Jimmy Kimmel blasts health care bill

21 Septembre 2017

President Donald Trump on Wednesday backed the healthcare coverage plan crafted by GOP Senators Lindsey Graham of SC and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana - a measure giving states far more power over medical insurance.

The governors who signed the letter are particularly notable, since some are from states represented by Republican senators who are weighing whether to back the bill.

During his Tuesday night show, Jimmy Kimmel lashed out at Louisiana Sen.

Jimmy Kimmel called out Senator Bill Cassidy in a scathing monologue Tuesday, criticizing the politician for crafting and pushing a health care bill that does not ensure the kind of protections he previously promised during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Lindsey Graham does pass the Kimmel test, but with a key difference. "I don't want my name on it".

The president has been enthusiastic about Graham-Cassidy and other recent GOP efforts aimed at repealing the Affordable Care Act, a primary campaign promise made by the president.

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An independent study finds most states would take a stiff budgetary hit if that bill becomes law. Iowa Senator Charles Grassley says that while the bill does not make the sweeping changes included in a failed August bill, it is still a good repeal.

But now the Republican party is trying to push through their "hail Mary bill" before the September 30th deadline for repeal-and-replace, and leading the charge is Cassidy, who spearheaded the bill with Lindsay Graham. Most of the congresspeople voting on it probably won't even read it, and they want us to do the same thing. But while there aren't firm numbers from the Congressional Budget Office yet on the estimated impact of the bill, experts argue that its funding structure would make it hard even for states willing to chip in far more funding to establish anything close to the Affordable Care Act. "They want us to treat it like an iTunes service agreement". Graham-Cassidy Bill is GREAT!

The comedian was referencing an interview Cassidy did on his show earlier this year in which he committed to what he dubbed the "Jimmy Kimmel test". He used the story as a platform to advocate affordable healthcare coverage for lower and middle-class families who might not be able to afford emergency surgery.

"It's called a lie detector test", he said. "You're welcome to stop by the studio and take it anytime".

Jimmy Kimmel blasts health care bill