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Additional lawsuits filed against Hollywood nursing home, FPL

21 Septembre 2017

"I am outraged over the deaths of eight Floridians at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills in Broward County and I am demanding answers as we furiously investigate this awful loss of life".

"With the stroke of a pen, AHCA has effectively shut down Hollywood Hills as a nursing home provider in Broward County", the complaint states. Pinellas County Administrator Mark Woodard says some of those facilities in Pinellas were not prepared for power outages, and some of their residents were taken by EMS to shelters.

The deaths of the nursing home residents in Hollywood are under criminal investigation.

Eight patients died last week after sweltering in the facility for several days because it was without air conditioning after Hurricane Irma.

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Attorneys for the families said the home took little action to protect its frail and elderly patients, and they claim FPL is to blame for the "unreasonable delay" in restoring power to the facility.

Staff also called 911 as patients' conditions deteriorated due to the heat, according to the lawsuit.

After Irma passed through Broward County on Sunday, Sept. 10, and knocked out the nursing home's air conditioning, an aide to the governor retrieved a voice mail message at 7:35 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 11 from Natasha Anderson, the CEO of Larkin Community Hospital Behavioral Health Services, which is associated with the nursing home. Another voice mail was retrieved at 12:50 p.m., according to the governor's office timeline. Local officials should remain vigilant, but ultimately this is a public health and safety issue for the state.

Home officials say they used coolers, fans, ice and other means to cool the patients. First up: critical infrastructure, like hospitals, emergency operations centers and some corrections facilities and nursing homes. The residents were evacuated the morning of September 13 only after the hospital staff investigated hours after the first resident was taken to the hospital.

Additional lawsuits filed against Hollywood nursing home, FPL